Our translation services

What do we translate?

The work that we do is varied; we translate various formats (newspaper articles, brochures, instructions, emails, websites, product information sheets, editorial content, financial reports, manuals etc.) into a wide range of target languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Russian etc.). Our services also extend to many different fields of expertise: general translation, marketing, legal, editorial, commercial, technical.

Translation of
websites, newsletters, press articles, tourist brochures, editorial content.

At MYM Language Services, our professional translators and reviewers are native speakers of your target language, specialised in one or more sectors

Translation from
product sheets, financial reports, manuals, manuals, technical documents.

Each member of our team has significant experience in translating and reviewing a wide variety of documents, building on a great wealth of vocabulary and solid writing and linguistic skills.

Your dedicated project team

The MYM Language Services project team is committed to ensuring the quality of the work provided based on your documents, by rigorously following up on each stage of the translation project (translation, reviewing, formatting). Upon receiving your request, we carefully analyse your files and we double-check each and every one of your requirements before delivering the final project. We also take into account your comments throughout the project in order to best meet your needs.

The stages of a translation project

1. Upon receipt of your request: analysis of your files by our project team to provide a quote within 48h

2. Translation of your project by one of our native translators

3. Review of your project by one of our native reviewers

4. Final check by our project team (spelling, consistency, quality, formatting) before delivery of your files within your prescribed deadline.

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Other services

MYM Language Services is able to offer other linguistic services to companies, individuals and associations (interpretation, spell checking, editorial assistance etc.).
For further information, please use our contact page to let us know your needs.